• Mary Peterson

    "The work of maternity homes has been around for a long time, but the challenges of women now are quite complicated - involving addiction, abuse, trauma, and lack of support. In order to be more effective in our work, we need to learn from one another."

    Mary Peterson, founder of Maggie's Place
  • Chris Bell

    "The power of the Coalition is in providing a unified voice to amplify our message of hope to pregnant women who are in need of support. In our work of building a culture of life, we need to leverage our voices."

    Chris Bell, Executive Director of Good Counsel Homes and founding member of National Maternity Housing Coalition
  • Peggy Hartshorn

    "Maternity housing has been a vital life-affirming service. Heartbeat is excited to serve the heroic champions, through this Coalition, in strengthening and deepening the work."

    Peggy Hartshorn, Chairman of the Board - Heartbeat International
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The NMHC’s broad definition of a maternity housing provider eligible for membership is "any organization that provides housing as part of their life-affirming mission." This includes:

  • Groups/organizations which operate a home(s)
  • Groups/organization which supervise those in beds or apartments for pregnant and parenting mothers and children.
  • Families which take in pregnant/parenting mothers and babies under the supervision of an outside agency.
  • Programs which supervise and/or offer counsel to mothers with babies before and/or after birth within their independent living situation.
  • Other programs may be included if directly supporting the development of maternity housing providers, with approval from the Leadership Council team.

Membership within the Coalition is open to any organization that provides housing as part of their life-affirming mission.  To achieve membership, must fulfill the following requirements: