• Mary Peterson

    "The work of maternity homes has been around for a long time, but the challenges of women now are quite complicated - involving addiction, abuse, trauma, and lack of support. In order to be more effective in our work, we need to learn from one another."

    Mary Peterson, founder of Maggie's Place
  • Chris Bell

    "The power of the Coalition is in providing a unified voice to amplify our message of hope to pregnant women who are in need of support. In our work of building a culture of life, we need to leverage our voices."

    Chris Bell, Executive Director of Good Counsel Homes and founding member of National Maternity Housing Coalition
  • Peggy Hartshorn

    "Maternity housing has been a vital life-affirming service. Heartbeat is excited to serve the heroic champions, through this Coalition, in strengthening and deepening the work."

    Peggy Hartshorn, Chairman of the Board - Heartbeat International
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About Us...


The life-affirming effort of aiding women, children and families in and around pregnancy necessarily includes the promoting and providing housing resources and extended care. Strong housing services are the result of committed individuals and organizations striving for excellence in all areas. To inspire excellence among maternity home providers and articulate a collective voice, leaders from various housing organizations have formed a National Maternity Housing Coalition.

We value all housing efforts that seek to overcome the challenge of homelessness. We know that there are many valuable organizations and heroic individuals who give tirelessly to providing housing. For a variety of reasons, we have limited our current coalition to life-affirming maternity homes with a Christ-centered leadership and/or service model.

The facilitator of the National Maternity Housing Coalition is Heartbeat International, formed in 1971 as an affiliation organization for life-affirming outreach. NMHC members will enjoy reciprocal membership in Heartbeat International and in its affinity group for housing. Learn more about Heartbeat International at:

For Service Providers: www.heartbeatservices.org
For the general public: www.heartbeatinternational.org


The National Maternity Housing Coalition is lead by a governing Council elected from its membership. The Council operates in a partnership agreement with the leadership of Heartbeat International to actively serve, promote and facilitate membership activities and programs.


Housing Leaders may participate in our online Facebook group specifically for those actively involved in operations of a maternity home.  The forum is a great place to pose key questions, build relationships with other homes, and engage in discussion of issues impacting our common work.  Please seek out the group page and ask to be a member.